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Hotels with the ?est? factor

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June 10, 2011

Hotels with the ?est? factor reveals the world?s top five hotels that ooze the ?est? factor


Records were made to be broken and hotels the world over are pushing the boundaries to claim an ?est? title. From the tallest to the largest, the greenest to the priciest, these holders have set new standards for hotel stays.

For travellers who won?t settle for anything less than the best, has searched the globe to find the hotels that are leaving records in their wake. lists the world?s ?est? title hotels:

The world?s tallest hotel:
Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, 5-star
Destination: Hong Kong
Not for the faint-hearted or those with a phobia of heights, the newly opened Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong towers 490 metres above ground and operates from the 102nd to the 118th floor of the International Commerce Centre. Taking the title of the tallest hotel in the world off the Rose Tower in Dubai, the Ritz aims to take luxury to new heights. The hotel delivers guests first-class views of the spectacular city skyline and luxury service to match. Guests can enjoy a drink from the world?s highest rooftop bar, Ozone, and, for those seeking relaxation and pampering, the Ritz-Carlton Spa offers an exclusive range of signature treatments that will provide guests the opportunity to relax, renew and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Rooms at the The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong start at $A528 per room per night*. To book a stay at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, visit: or call 1800 846 835.
The world?s priciest hotel suite:
Hotel: The Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, 5-star
Destination: Geneva, Switzerland
Built for the ridiculously rich and famous and priced at a nightly rate of $80,000 (breakfast not included), the royal penthouse suite at the Hotel President Wilson wins the title for the world?s priciest hotel suite. Covering the entire top floor of the hotel, this beyond-extravagant suite boasts 12 rooms, 12 bathrooms and a private fitness centre. With a view that overlooks the city, Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, the Hotel President Wilson has played host to many a celebrity, and with its close proximity to the United Nations headquarters, it has also accommodated many heads of state.

Rooms at the Hotel President Wilson start at $A529 per room per night*. To book a stay at the Hotel President Wilson, visit: or call 1800 846 835.

The world?s greenest hotel:
Hotel: The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, 4-star
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark
Attracting eco-conscious travellers from around the world, the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers in Denmark holds the Skal International EcoTourism award for the world?s greenest hotel. Featuring the largest building-integrated solar panels in northern Europe and Denmark?s first groundwater-based heating and cooling system, the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is the only carbon neutral hotel building in Denmark. It is estimated to save 1.4 tonnes in carbon emissions per year. Some climate friendly initiatives adopted by this super green complex include low energy TVs, widespread water conservation practices and biodegradable shampoo bottles, toothbrushes and shower caps.

Rooms at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers start at $A169 per room per night*. To book a stay at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, visit: or call 1800 846 835.
The world?s largest hotel:
Hotel: Izmailovo Hotel Gamma Delta, Izmailovo Hotel Complex, 3-star
Destination: Moscow, Russian Federation
Size matters when it comes to setting records and, with 7,500 rooms, the enormous Izmailovo Hotel Complex in Moscow claims the title of being the world?s largest hotel. This massive structure, which can accommodate more than 10,000 guests, comprises of four, thirty storey buildings. The Izmailovo Hotel Gamma Delta offers guests a full-service spa, health club and bowling alley as well as a wide choice of bars, cafes, restaurants and even a nightclub.

Rooms at the Izmailovo Hotel Gamma-Delta start at $A82 per room per night*. To book a stay at the Izmailovo Hotel Gamma-Delta, visit: or call 1800 846 835.

The world?s coldest hotel:
Hotel: Icehotel, 3-star
Destination: Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Travellers planning on staying at the Icehotel better pack their thermals! And be prepared for an icy reception ? literally. This property offers the ultimate winter wonderland with rooms built entirely out of ice and snow. Built from scratch every winter this hotel features sixty cold rooms with temperatures ranging between -5?C and -8?C. Travellers worried about the freezing temperatures should fear not as the hotel provides reindeer skins and sleeping bags to keep guests warm throughout the night.?

Rooms at the Icehotel start at $A137 per room per night*. To book a stay at the Icehotel, visit: or call 1800 846 835.

*Offers and example prices are inclusive of fees and taxes, subject to availability and change, and are valid as at May 30 2011 for a limited time only and conditions apply. For great hotel deals and promotions, visit



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