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Wyndham Hotel Group Survey Reveals Global Vacation Budgets on the Rise

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July 2, 2012

Wyndham Hotel Group Survey Reveals Global Vacation Budgets on the Rise

Over 70 percent of travelers worldwide intend to spend the same amount of money or more on vacation this year over last, with 35 percent opting to spend more

? Chinese travelers will increase their budgets the most, with over half (58 percent) adding to last year?s funds, followed by travelers from Brazil at 41 percent

? More than half of all travelers worldwide are prepared to spend more to extend the length of their vacation this year

Travelers around the globe are rising above recent economic uncertainty by not only vacationing this summer, but increasing their allotted budget to do so?this according to a second round of survey findings released today by Wyndham Hotel Group, the world?s largest hotel company with over 7,150 hotels.

Commissioned to better understand the vacation spending habits of Wyndham Hotel Group?s global guests, the survey polled just over 5,600 adults in key cities throughout the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China, and the U.K.

U.S. vs. International Travelers:

? The majority (70 percent) of travelers worldwide intend to spend the same amount or more on vacation this year as they did last year, with 35 percent opting to spend more. Of those who will spend more, two thirds (66 percent) of Chinese travelers and more than half (52 percent) of U.S. travelers intend to use that money to take a longer vacation.

? Excluding the cost of accommodations, U.S. travelers (37 percent)?along with those in Canada (36 percent) and China (42 percent)?plan to spend the bulk of this year?s vacation budget on entertainment and excursions. Meanwhile, U.K. travelers (37 percent) put dining out at the top of their list and Brazilian travelers (40 percent) put shopping at the top of their list.

? When asked what hotel extras they would be most willing to pay more for while on vacation, U.S. travelers ranked a hotel in a better location as their top choice (35 percent), followed by a great view (30 percent) and access to spa facilities (30 percent). Comparatively, travelers in Brazil ranked great customer service (40 percent) and breakfast (40 percent) highest, while Chinese travelers made spa facilities (45 percent) their top choice.

? Of those travelers who are looking to cut back on their spending, less than a quarter (24 percent) said they would give up vacationing to do so, with the vast majority opting instead to pass up activities like dining out or giving up a night out/drinks with family or friends. U.S. travelers in particular put great emphasis on the importance of vacationing, placing it last on their list of items they?d be willing to forgo.

Commonalities Amongst All Travelers:

? A third of all travelers (34 percent) belong to a hotel loyalty program. Of those who do, 62 percent indicate that loyalty program membership influences their hotel choice. Loyalty program membership is highest in China with half (50 percent) of travelers belonging to at least one program, followed closely by travelers in the U.S. (40 percent). Membership is lowest in the U.K. at 20 percent.

? When it comes to booking a hotel, close to half (45 percent) of travelers will opt for midscale accommodations over any other. Of those who travel once or less a year, over a quarter (28 percent) will opt for a budget or economy offering. Meanwhile, of those who travel four times a year or more, over a third (39 percent) prefer upscale accommodations.

? Asked what types of vacations they would most likely save up for and aspire to take, a visit to a major theme park ranked highest with 43 percent of all travelers making it their top choice. Coming in a close second and third where shopping (40 percent) and adventure-themed trips (37 percent). Of the least interest were trips centered around mountain climbing and skiing.

Source: Wyndham Worldwide

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