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Air France-KLM is continuing to support sustainable alternative fuel research

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June 19, 2012

Air France-KLM is continuing to support sustainable alternative fuel research

KLM is today operating its first transatlantic flight with biofuel. Flight KL705, operated by Boeing 777-200 left Amsterdam this morning at 11:15 and will arrive in Rio de Janeiro at 17:55 local time, in time for the opening of the Forum. 
The flight is partially powered by a biofuel derived from used oil supplied by SkyNRG. This KLM subsidiary aims to help create and develop a sustainable production chain for alternative jet fuels.
 ?To mark the inauguration of the Rio+20 Conference (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development), we want to highlight that Developing alternative sustainable fuels is one of the most promising paths for reducing air transport emissions? stated Bertrand Lebel, Secretary to the Executive Committee in charge of Strategic Planning Air France KLM. ?The development of biofuels is one of the Group?s priorities, as part of its ambition to explore the entire value chain from research through to its commercialization.?
This flight is part of the Group?s global strategy to combat CO2 emissions. Air France-KLM is a major research partner in this area and as a member of ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research and Innovation in Europe), participates in biofuel development research programmes. Air France-KLM is also committed to the Biofuels Flightpath programme together with the European Commission, which aims to produce 2 million tonnes of sustainable biofuel for the European aviation industry by 2020. 
In 2011, Air France and KLM also marked a turning point in the area of biofuel-powered flights by conducting two world-first events:

  • On 29 June 2011, KLM became the first airline to operate a commercial flight between Amsterdam and Paris, with oil-based biofuel.
  • On 13 October 2011, Air France operated the lowest CO2 emissions flight by doing everything possible to reduce noise hindrance and gas emissions: use of a 50% mix of sustainable biofuel, optimized flight procedures and reduced on-board mass.

Irrespective of the raw materials used, Air France-KLM pays special attention to complying with internationally-recognized sustainability criteria. Their use must lead to substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, a minimum negative impact on biodiversity and the food chain, and zero deforestation.    

Source: Air France

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