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An agreement is signed for tourism development of the Barroco Andino route, Cusco (Translation)

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October 16, 2012

An agreement is signed for tourism development of the Barroco Andino route, Cusco (Translation)

Institutions unite for Andahuaylillas? sustainable development

  • Agreement took place thanks to the commitment of 7 participating institutions.
  • Development will be actively promoted through Monuments and Cultural Spaces of the Barroco Andino route, and by strengthening local capabilities.
  • The investigation and the challenge of finding answers for the tourism development of the area can be found in the book ?A Destiny with Future?.

Lima, October 10, 2012 – The agreement of the Barroco Andino route Andahuaylillas-Huaro-Canincunca Cusco-Per?, promoted by the Company of Jesus, will take place thanks to the commitment of 7 institutions, which will cooperate in order to develop tourism in the area making use of its capacities. Quantitative investigation, documented in the book ?A Destiny with Future?, shows the potential of transforming Andahuaylillas and its surroundings into a sustainable tourist destination.

Andahuaylillas, a town of colonial origin located 40 kilometers from Cusco city, has a moderate flow of tourists, mainly foreign, that visit the temple for a few minutes on their way to the city of Puno, or while leaving Puno on their way to Cusco. This transit tourism does not generate much income for the region and it does not allow for further exploration of neighboring Huaro districts, where the San Juan Bautista Church and the Canincunca Chapel stand out with their natural charm and lively culture.

The agreement?s objective is to establish a work frame coordinated between the parties that will allow for the efficient use of their capabilities and resources. This will be achieved by sharing their specific projects, transferring knowledge and experience among themselves, and joining new economic resources with the objective of promoting a sustainable and organized development of tourism around the monumental and cultural value of the following temples: San Pedro Ap?stol of Andahuaylillas and San Juan Bautista of Huaro, as well as the Chapel Virgen de la Candelaria of Canincunca, under the denomination ?Barroco Andino Route Andahuaylillas-Huaro-Canincunca Cusco-Per??.

This agreement was reached among the Andahuaylillas and Huaro de la Compa??a de Jes?s parishes, the SEMPA Association (responsible for the administration of the route), the Center Jes?s Obrero (Ccaijo) of Andahuaylillas, the University of Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, the World Monuments Fund and the Backus Foundation.

Felipe Cantuarias, Backus? Vice President of Planning and Corporate Matters, stated: ?Conserving the cultural and monumental value of these temples, keeping the natural scenery, rescuing the cultural values and local identity and generating the possibilities of development of the communities are indispensable conditions in promoting an organized and sustainable tourism development. For that, we need to establish alliances much like the ones we have among the institutions committed to achieving it?.

The institutions? main objective is to continue with the advertising of the temples–San Pedro Ap?stol of Andahuaylillas, San Juan Bautista of Huaro and the Chapel Virgen de la Candelaria of Canincunca–as main tourist attractions, and to contribute to the development of net employment in the districts through the consolidation of the population?s capability to bestow excellent tourist services.

?I think that this agreement is the result of the commitment and dedication that we have demonstrated for many years. Each is contributing with whatever it is that they know best. We share the same vision of seeing the Barroco Andino route as a tourist destination that could be an engine of development and improve the quality of life of those who live in the region. I am sure that together we will achieve better results?, added Marcela Perez de Cuellar, President of the World Monuments Fund Peru.

Book ?A Destiny with a Future?

The book ?A Destiny with a Future: Contributions for the Development of Sustainable Tourism in Andahuaylillas, Cusco?, written by El?as Mujica Barreda, Juan Arapovic Doko and Elmer Barrio de Mendoza Gallardo, shows us the potential that Andahuaylillas and its surroundings has as a first-class main tourist attraction. It also sets out the guidelines to convert it into a sustainable tourist destination.

Two quantitative research studies were conducted regarding tourism in Andahuaylillas. The first refers to the potential market and perceptual positioning of Andahuaylillas as a tourist destination. The second study analyzed the visitors? level of satisfaction and their experience. Based on each of the studies, the development and marketing strategies for the Barroco Andino route, along with its thematic and territorial variants, were planned and identified.

Source: SAB Miller

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