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Behind the scenes at London 2012

Profile Photo By: H L
August 4, 2012

Behind the scenes at London 2012

What is your role at London 2012?
I?m the Chef de Mission for team USA which involves a lot, but most importantly making sure that the athletes are well fed and have everything they need to perform well throughout the Games. That?s the number-one mission. Also, talking to important IOC members and staff about problems athletes might have.

How does it feel to lead your team?
It feels like a privilege. I?ve already experienced what they?re about to go through and so it?s a privileged position to be in to fully engage with a new generation of athletes.

What?s been your highlight of the Games so far?
Every day is a highlight! When I was competing I didn?t get to watch all these other sports that don?t usually get the brightest spotlight; and seeing the athletes competing in a different environment while knowing they have support from the US delegation.

What is the atmosphere like in the Olympic Village?
At the beginning the atmosphere was really happy, everyone was really excited to be at the Olympic Games and on the days leading up to the Opening Ceremony it was a really happy-go-lucky atmosphere. Now that the Games have begun everyone?s pretty serious about what they came here to do. It feels to me just like it felt when I was competing.

There?s a little too much opportunity for distraction though! But with each generation there are more and more opportunities and everything athletes need is at their disposal here. It is really a place with a lot of greatness. 

Source: International Olympic Committee

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