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Langham Hospitality Group brings in top international chefs for the Langham food & wine festival – September 2012

Profile Photo By: H L
July 25, 2012

Langham Hospitality Group brings in top international chefs for the Langham food & wine festival – September 2012

As a continuous effort to present innovative offerings to customers, Langham Hospitality Group will launch a full scale, eleven-day Langham Food & Wine Festival in Hong Kong from September 13 to 23, 2012.

Joining this festive gastronomic celebration is a star-studded line up of world-renowned chefs from Europe and the Pacific, award-winning wine producers and well-loved Langham chefs from Shanghai and Hong Kong. Celebrated Michelin star chefs with the likes of Albert Roux, Angel Pascual, Claude Bosi, Igor Macchia, and other world-renowned chefs including Philippe Mouchel, Benjamin Bayly, Susur Lee and Gontran Cherrier, will treat diners in Hong Kong to a gratifying journey of the senses at the festival.

“The Langham Food & Wine Festival is not only a celebration of Hong Kong’s reputation as a gourmets’ paradise, it is also a testament to our commitment in being one of the most innovative hotel companies. A first for Hong Kong’s hotel industry, the Langham Food & Wine Festival will bring world-renowned chefs, award-winning wine producers and highly-acclaimed industry enthusiasts to Hong Kong in an eleven-day showcase of culinary excellence,” said Brett Butcher, Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to presenting their signature dishes in the hotel restaurants, the chefs will also be working together to cook up a feast at the gala lunch and dinners and conducting master classes. Another highlight of the festival is a charity auction for a private dinner for eight guests presented by Michelin star chef Igor Macchia in The Penthouse Suite of Langham Place, Mongkok on September 20. Bids for this dinner will start at HK$20,000 with all proceeds being donated to Hong Kong Playground Association.

Langham Hospitality Group has partnered with Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited for the festival. From September 13 -23 this year, Standard Chartered/Manhattan credit cardholders can enjoy an exclusive 20% off for booking any official event of Langham Food and Wine Festival or for dining consumption at any restaurant at The Langham, Hong Kong or Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong. Cardholders are entitled to a lucky draw for a spending of HK$1,000 or above and win up to HK$1,500 dining voucher from the two Langham hotels.

The entire festival will be held at The Langham, Hong Kong and Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong. Students from Vocational Training Council (VTC) will be assisting our hotels’ teams throughout the festival.

Source: The Langham Hotels and Resorts

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