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Olympic success sees foreigners flock to London

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August 15, 2012

Olympic success sees foreigners flock to London

Host city could become the world?s most popular capital

With an estimated worldwide television audience of four billion, the London Olympics has left millions of foreigners eager to visit Blighty, with Europe?s leading travel search site Skyscanner witnessing a massive increase in flight searches to London from around the globe.

Although visitor numbers for the Games were expected to reach record numbers, Visit Britain recently reported a massive slump in visitor numbers during the games. However, research by Skyscanner shows that the PR effect of the Games should more than compensate for that disappointment with longer term tourist gains. With flight searches from some countries increasing by more than 50% during the games, compared to the weeks leading up to the big event, London is the place to be.

This surge in flight searches suggest that London and the UK will benefit, with visitor numbers expected to rise over the coming months.

With a population of more than 1bn and following its most successful ever Olympic Games, India leads the way with searches to London up a massive 52%. The UK and India have a long entwined history, and seeing London host the most successful ever Olympic Games seems to have struck a chord with the sub-continent.

Research by Skyscanner also shows that Egyptians and Greeks are London bound, with flight searches up 47% and 35% respectively. Further afield, holidaymakers are willing to travel for as long as 15 hours to whet their appetite for the Capital as flight searches to London from Indonesia are also on the rise, up 35% during London 2012.

Skyscanner?s Victoria Bailie comments:

?Many people are calling London 2012 the best ever and despite the washout weather and the sight of Boris boogying to the Spice Girls, the opening and closing ceremonies were great adverts for Britain. While reports were of a tourist drop during the Games, we?re seeing that interest and flight searches for future trips have been on the rise since the Opening Ceremony at the end of last month.?

Top 10 increases by country
1. India +52%
2. Egypt +47%
3. Greece +35%
4. Indonesia +35%
5. Latvia +33%
6. Turkey +31%
7. Romania +28%
8. Cyprus +27%
9. Bulgaria +23%
10. Saudi Arabia +17%

Source: Skyscanner

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