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Personalized services for Japanese customers

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November 29, 2012

Personalized services for Japanese customers

Crews trained in Japanese cultural specifics and tailored service 

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, Japanese-speaking staff are available to assist customers with their departure, arrival, and transit formalities.
On board, Air France?s 15,000 hostesses and stewards are trained to take the cultural specifics of customers into account, including those of its Japanese customers. Over 200 Japanese nationality flight attendants offer an exclusive service on board flights to and from Japan. In-flight announcements are made in Japanese on flights to Tokyo and Osaka.
Air France offers its customers the possibility of reading a selection of newspapers and magazines in Japanese, as well as a Japanese version of the Air France and KLM in-flight magazines, called ?Bon Voyage?.
In each cabin, a personal, in-seat video can screen close to 100 films in nine languages, including some films in the original Japanese version or with sub-titles. In all, some 600 hours of programming are available. A choice of 300 CDs with an extensive range of music types is also on offer, allowing passengers to compile their own personal programme of music. 

Japanese cuisine in the spotlight 

Air France provides dishes from around the world thanks to listening attentively to customer wishes with respect to their taste in food.
The flight attendants offer all passengers menus translated in Japanese, enabling them to choose a hot Japanese dish, along with oshiboris (hot or cold towels) once they are comfortably settled in their seat in the cabin.   
In Premi?re and Business class, ?otsumamis? Japanese biscuits are served with the appetizer. Flight attendants also offer passengers a choice of Japanese green tea O-Cha, cold sak?, Misoshiru Japanese soup, soy sauce and chopsticks. 
On flights from Japan to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Air France offers La Premi?re and Business customers ?Onigiri?, rice balls with a prune and salmon filling, wrapped in seaweed, available in the self-service buffet. Cold, smoked Oolong tea is available for all passengers throughout the flight.
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Source: Air France

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