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Rinse free means risk free

Profile Photo By: British Hospitality Association
August 9, 2012

Rinse free means risk free

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The ?no rinse? floor cleaner that helps prevent slips and trips in the workplace

Each year thousands of slips and trips occur in the workplace; some with serious consequences. Everyone should play their part to ensure their working environment is a safe and as an employer one way you can ensure you prevent slips and trips in the kitchen is by having the correct products and cleaning procedures in place.

WASH? N WALK is a revolutionary ?no rinse? floor cleaner formulated to permanently remove grease and fat from slippery floors. Based on patent-pending technology, WASH? N WALK degrades deep down grease deposits, even on grout between the tiles, making floors clean and safe.

The advanced formula combines biological ingredients with traditional cleaning agents to eat away the grease build-up commonly found in restaurants and foodservice operations.

  • Clean – Attacks the grease and eliminates the deep down cause of slippery floors
  • Safe – Is proven to increase the friction of slippery kitchen floors
  • Efficient – Saves cleaning time – no rinsing is required

Combined with Ecolab?s well-trained service team, who are there to help you whenever needed and provide product and procedure training, choosing WASH? N WALK means the chance of accidents caused by slipping on floors are reduced, and with no classification, it?s also perfectly safe to use.

For further information please contact Ecolab Customer Services on 0161 486 7000 or email

Source: BHA

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