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Saudia?s Haj operation in full swing

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October 13, 2012

Saudia?s Haj operation in full swing

Saudia is continuing its efforts to implement the airline?s massive Haj operation plan to ensure a hassle-free Haj for more than a million pilgrims it transport this year. ?Our Haj operation plan is being implemented smoothly and successfully,? said Mr. Abdullah Al-Ajhar, EVP Public Relations. He said Saudia has been operating Haj flights from more than 100 domestic and international destinations to King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and Prince Muhammad International Airport in Madinah on the basis of a well-thought-out plan under the supervision of HE Eng. Khaled Al-Molhem, the Director General.

This year?s Haj plan includes deployment of the required number of staff at all stations and completion of ground preparedness in addition to coordination with related government agencies in order to provide the best possible services to the guests of God,? Mr. Al-Ajhar said.

The Haj plan includes operation of additional flights from all the Kingdom?s regions to Jeddah to meet the requirements of pilgrims. ?We also cooperate with the Haj Ministry and the General Authority of Civil Aviation to ensure a successful Haj operation this year,? said Mr. Al-Ajhar.

Saudia will operate 912 flights from its international stations to bring in pilgrims and 899 flights to carry these pilgrims back to their home countries. ?We?ll operate 240 additional flights to domestic stations to transport pilgrims,? said the EVP for public relations. Saudia has rented 30 aircraft of varying sizes to meet the growing demand during the Haj season and ensure smooth operation of its Haj plan.

Speaking about the various services being offered by Saudia to pilgrims, Mr. Al-Ajhar said: ?We issue boarding passes for both onward and return journeys at the station of origin well in advance. We appoint air stewards and stewardesses who speak the language of pilgrims. We also supply meals that suit the tastes of various groups of pilgrims. Films related to Haj and Haj instructions are also screened during the flight.?

During the Haj season, Saudia magazines, Ahlan Wa Sahlan and SV World, publish informative articles about Haj for the benefit of pilgrims.

Several audio and video channels with recitations from the Holy Qur?an and other Islamic programs are available on board SV flights, he pointed out.

?Soon after the completion of flights for flying in Haj pilgrims, we?ll start preparations for their return flights,? Mr. Al-Ajhar said while wishing the guests of God a rewarding and comfortable Haj this year.

Source: Saudia Airlines

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