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Traditional beats technology, for Christmas Cards

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November 19, 2012

Traditional beats technology, for Christmas Cards

These may be modern times, but research from British Airways shows that we’re old fashioned at heart. Over 66 per cent of us would prefer a traditional, comedy or charity Christmas card, compared to just one per cent who would like an e-card.

The research also found that when it comes to work colleagues, 19 per cent of us would give a charity Christmas card, while 17 per cent don?t give cards to people they work with. It also found that 35-44 year olds and Londoners are the most likely groups to buy Charity Cards.

According to the results, almost half (44 per cent) of us have an emergency back up Christmas card for situations where we receive a card unexpectedly.

When searching for the right charity Christmas card, it?s good to find one that gives as much back to the charity as possible, says Rob Jenkinson ? a long-term supporter and fundraiser of Sreepur Village. The Village is home to abandoned women and children in rural Bangladesh and has an income generating business that produces hand made cards to help fund the project.

Rob Jenkinson, said: ?One in five of us will buy a charity Christmas card for a work colleague, but very few of us will examine the donation it makes. A good contribution is for at least 50 per cent of the entire cost to be donated back.

?That?s why Sreepur cards are so special – every single part of the process is involved in helping those in need and every single penny goes back to the community. The cards are made by the women from the village from local natural resources and then flown to the UK for free by British Airways. This means all the money from the cards can be returned to the village.?

Made from jute, the Sreepur cards are uniquely decorated with a combination of wheat, straw and paper, with the finished product made from locally sourced natural products to a high standard. This year?s cards feature pictures of iconic Christmas images, such as; robins, angels, gift boxes, Christmas trees and the city of Bethlehem.

Mary Barry, British Airways community relations manager said: ?We?re so proud to be part of this project. The Sreepur cards are a big hit with our staff all year round but especially Christmas. I have seen first hand how the village has been transformed, thanks to the generosity of all the people who buy these cards and I would like to thank them for their contribution.?

Sreepur Cards can be purchased at , while availability lasts.

Source: British Airways

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