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Would you like to support the BHA?s Tourism & VAT ? Adopt Your MP Campaign?

Profile Photo By: British Hospitality Association
June 27, 2012

Would you like to support the BHA?s Tourism & VAT ? Adopt Your MP Campaign?

The present campaign to reduce VAT on visitor accommodation and entry to attractions builds on a comprehensive study of the impact of reduced VAT on tourism, undertaken in 2011 by Tourism Respect, and Deloitte and commissioned by Bourne Leisure Group and Merlin Entertainments.

This study (and all previous studies) indicates that reducing VAT on tourism would stimulate growth and jobs, leading in a few years to a reversal in Britain’s declining balance of tourism payments.

What you can do

The Adopt Your MP Campaign seeks to encourage hospitality and tourism leaders and media to approach their MP, and significant local councillors, to explain to them the economic importance of the industry to their local economy.

In this way we will be able to build up a grassroots message in our approach to government, by which MPs themselves will begin to bring pressure to bear on government ministers. To register your support please fill in this short form HERE

Information on the importance of the hospitality industry to your local economy is available in the BHA?s publication Hospitality: Driving Local Economies which gives the number of people employed in each of the UK?s local authority areas, as well as the GVA (net wealth creation). To find the number of employees and GVA of your local authority area, a PDF of the publication can be accessed by clicking HERE.?? Hard copies can be ordered from BHA?s head office (020 7404 7744)

A toolkit is available that gives a step-by-step guide on how to engage with political and media audiences in your campaigning, and answers many of the questions that might arise along the way ? a more comprehensive series of questions and answers appears elsewhere in the VAT section of the BHA?s website. ? Templates for meetings agendas and letter are also included.

We will shortly be holding a further half-day briefing session which will take you through the tool kit as well as explaining our objectives and how we aim to achieve them.? Needless to say, throughout the campaign, we will provide you with regular news and updates.

In addition we will be undertaking further research and surveys and we are eager for members to take part and input their views.

Your support for the campaign ? and that of others ? will be a significant factor in achieving our objectives, to the benefit of the entire industry.

We urge you to register your support by filling in this short form HERE or alternatively e-mail us at

The toolkit will be made available on request to all registered volunteers.

Once you have registered we will keep you in touch with developments and update you regularly.? We will also let you know when the next Briefing Session is being held.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to registering your support.

Source: BHA

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