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Profile Photo By: H L
May 1, 2012


Admit it, youre like us The word ‘school’ just makes us twitch and we start to think about making “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper a reality. (Just kidding Homeland Security!) 

But if we had had a teacher like Mr. Lindsay Olsen of Calistoga School we mightve stopped twitching long enough to learn something!  

For the past few years, Mr. Olsen has assigned his sixth-grade class a rather unusual geography lesson. The students study a foreign country and then write a report that details what a five-day tour in that country would be like, including a stop at the local Hard Rock Cafe. The other half of the assignment is an art project in which each student designs a Hard Rock Café guitar pin. (Where was this guy when we were still in school?!) They use Hard Rock pin books and the Hard Rock website for inspiration in order to design a pin that reflects a country’s history or culture. 

Mr. Olsen is (obviously) a huge fan of our pins that he even coordinates the pins he wears to school with current class topics, holidays and events. So when Mr. Olsen reached out to us a few years back to see if we would be willing to donate some pins to give to his students when they completed the assignment, we didnt hesitate to be a part of such an awesome project!

Mr. Olsen is all that is awesome! So are his students who designed some of the best pins weve seen in a long time!  

Source: Hard Rock

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