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2013: Exhibitions / Openings

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March 22, 2013

2013: Exhibitions / Openings

Salzburg Marionette Theatre celebrates 100 years

On 27 February 2013, the Salzburg Marionette Theatre celebrates its 100th anniversary by premiering a new production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with live music and speakers. This production will also be shown as part of the 2013 summer programme. From May 2013, visitors have the opportunity to take a look backstage and learn about the history of the puppet theatre through guided tours. In celebration of this jubilee year, several events will take place: the exhibition ?100 Years Salzburg Marionette Theatre? at the Salzburg Museum, a puppet festival in June and a film week.


Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB)

From 2 February to 14 April, the KUB-Arena will show the exhibition Andy Warhol ? Fifteen Minutes of Fame. Following this, from 27 April to 30 June, Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker will, for the first time in their career, exhibit at the KUB.


Reopening:? Kunstkammer Vienna

New design, sustainable architecture, but let?s not forget Austria?s traditional culture and history. One of the most important collections of its kind, the Kunstkammer Vienna is reopening after 10 years. One of the highlights: Benvenuto Cellini?s Saliera.


New opera house in Linz

In April 2013, Linz will make its cultural mark once again as it opens the doors to Europe?s most modern opera house, the new Musiktheater am Volksgarten, designed by the British architect Terry Pawson. Opera house Linz


European Project of the Century ? Museum Walking Tour in Salzburg

After 200 years, a historic walkway built in the 17th century under Archbishop Guidobald Thun will open to the public. The circuit connects the buildings once constituting Salzburg?s religious and political centre of power under the rule of the archbishops.?Starting at the former archiepiscopal Residences in the heart of Salzburg?s Old City, it takes in St. Peter?s Church, the Cathedral, the art chambers and the Long Gallery at St. Peter?s Monastery, leads across the Wallis Wing (now part of Salzburg?s university), and finally, returns to the Residence.? Visitors can look forward to breathtaking panoramic views of the city and its surrounding city mountains and will gain fascinating insights into baroque living and entertaining. Opening in autumn 2013


The Walk of Modern Art

10 years after its initiation by the Salzburg Foundation, the Walk of Modern Art, a unique contemporary outdoor art project, has been completed. The circuit follows ten arts projects and takes visitors to Salzburg?s most beautiful places and hidden treasures. The sculptures by renowned international artists such as Anselm Kiefer, Markus L?pertz, James Turrell, Anthony Cragg and Christian Boltanski are freely accessible. And, while every artist takes a completely different approach, each sculpture is an interpretation of Salzburg and highlights the city?s identity as a cultural centre and World Heritage site. The Walk of Modern Art can be done as part of guided tours or explored on your own.


Vorarlberg museum in Bregenz

On 21 June 2013, the Vorarlberg Museum (former ?Vorarlberger Landesmuseum?) will be opening in Bregenz. The facade of the museum itself is already a highlight as it is made of 16,656 ?flowers?, using plastic bottles to create a flowery image.


LegeArtis Lech

Axel Pfefferkorn, director of the Hotel Aurelio in Lech, debuts a new festival. From 18 ? 21 July, Lech will become a meeting point for artists and people interested in art. LegeArtis will give both up-and-coming young and established artists (music, literature, visual arts) a new platform to exchange their views.


Camp under the stars

Hikers in the Montafon this year have the opportunity to camp in a tent on the mountain when participating in a guided hiking tour. Tents and set-up instructions will be supplied as well as some wood for the fire so dinner can be cooked!


For more information: Austrian National Tourist Office, Martina Jamnig, Tel: +44-20 74403840, email:,, Follow us on Twitter @Austria_UK

Source: Austrian National Tourist Office

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