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Meditation and Yoga lead top 10 wellness travel trends for 2014

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November 1, 2013

Meditation and Yoga lead top 10 wellness travel trends for 2014

Wellness Tourism Worldwide, a leading wellness travel business, is pleased to announce the release of the ?Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends of 2014?.?The forecast is based on data collection and research conducted throughout the year that consolidated trends across several sectors and industries to bring practical knowledge to both individuals and businesses.

Yoga Photo:  / WTW?s data and trend analysis included: site visits, literary review, surveys, interviews and feedback from consumers, travel trade, healthcare professionals, wellness experts and academia.

Camille Hoheb, wellness travel industry expert and founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide and Editor of the Wellness Travel Journal noted, “The multi-dimensionality of wellness opens the door to a whole new world.” She added, ?This forecast will encourage consumers and business to think of vacation travel in new ways. Our data shows that consumers view vacations as an important way to improve health, happiness and productivity. Vacation trips are often a catalyst for transformation and consumers view wellness travel as a personal investment.?

While last year?s forecast focused on the impact of wellness on air transit, hotel accommodation and destinations; this year’s report is focused on business and marketing strategy.? The report, ?Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2014: Boosting Sales & Maximizing Profits? will be released in January.

Snapshot: Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2014 (descriptions below)

  1. Mind Matters
  2. The Rise of Wellness Travel Agents
  3. La Local Vita
  4. Breaking Bread with Wellness Travel
  5. Vacation RX
  6. Looking for Personal Enrichment
  7. Burgeoning Secondary Wellness Market
  8. Slow Travel
  9. Affluent & Altruistic
  10. Spas on a Mission

Mind Matters:
Consumers have caught on to mindful vacations that offer mental restoration.? Practices learned on a trip such as meditation, yoga, qi going and journaling can be incorporated at home to help manage stress, improve cognitive capacity and maintain emotional equilibrium.

The Rise of Wellness Travel Agents
With the growing interest in trips to enhance mind, body and spirit, wellness tourism has created a new niche for travel agents to grow or expand their business while offering a personally and professionally rewarding career specialty.

La Local Vita:?
Consumers have developed a deeper appreciation for locally relevant and authentic experiences with an emphasis on living? ?la local vita? (the local life).? Mindsets have shifted away from tourist behavior to a keen interest in community-based exploration where getting to know the locals in a meaningful way sweetens the experience.

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