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StarWorld Macau Welcomes the Year of Snake with Windmills of Fortune

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January 22, 2013

StarWorld Macau Welcomes the Year of Snake with Windmills of Fortune

21 January 2013, Hong Kong & Macau —– Everyone hopes for a new start at the beginning of the year. Renowned for its attentive “Asian Heart” service, StarWorld Macau has especially prepared a series of festive activities and menus with the theme of “Windmills of Fortune” with an aim to bring our guests good luck and fortune in this festive season. To further enhance the ambiance, the hotel’s lobby is decorated with giant moving windmills and golden ingots, wishing its guests all the best in the year of the Snake.

Golden Snake Treasure Lucky Draw

StarWorld Macau will distribute windmills, red packets and “Fu”(means good fortune and happiness) posters on its StarWorld Express, as well as Chinese almanacs at the hotel lobby during the Chinese New Year period to bring luck and wealth to all its guests. On every Sunday night between 7 January and 24 March 2013, the hotel will also launch a Golden Snake Treasure Lucky Draw with total cash prizes worth over HKD 8,888,888! For more information, please visit:

On top of that, StarWorld Macau has invited a professional Lion dance crew to kick start the year on 10 February at 11a.m. at its lobby, welcoming the New Year in an energetic atmosphere and giving its guests the first blessing in the year of the snake.


To welcome the year of the Snake, StarWorld Macau has decorated its lobby with giant moving windmills and golden ingots, wishing its guests a lucky and wealthy year ahead

To further bring the blessings of good fortune and wealth to all of its guests, the star-rated restaurants of StarWorld Macau has also launched a series of lucky menus, including:

  • Spinning for Good Fortune Dishes from its round-the-clock Asian restaurant, Sensations;
  • Luck is All Around New Year Buffet that is offered at The Grand Ballroom; and
  • Prosperous New Year Menus from the renowned Chinese restaurant, Laurel

Spinning for Good Fortune Dishes — Sensations

From 1st through 28th February 2013, Sensations is presenting a series of Spinning for Good Fortune Dishes. The chefs have named each dish with lucky meanings to enlighten the guests’ New Year spirit.  Available 24 hours daily!

The Roasted Whole Pigeon dish is named “Xin Chun Bao Xi”, meaningthe arrival of happiness in spring”. The chef uses a custom-blended sauce to season a pigeon and leave it to air-dry. Then it is deep-fried to crisp up the skin and preserve the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. The golden brown colour of the dish symbolizes wealth and fortune in Chinese traditions.


Xin Chun Bao Xi(Roasted Whole Pigeon)

MOP 68/ per pigeon

Wok-Fried Scallop with Broccoli and Egg White is named “Hua Kai Fu Gui”, which means “fortune will come with blossomed flowers”. The Broccoli is shallow-fried briefly to retain its freshness and crunchy texture. Using fresh scallops makes it as a low-fat and high-fiber option for families of all ages during Chinese New Year.


Hua Kai Fu Gui (Wok-Fried Scallop with Broccoli and Egg White)

MOP 88

Prawn implies “happiness” in Chinese because of a similar Cantonese pronunciation, so the chef has named Pan-fried King Prawns with Tomato Sauce as “Haha Da Xiao”. The prawns are lightly fried until they turn golden brown, and then are seasoned with a custom-blended sauce and dried onions. The fresh and tasty prawns with colorful ingredients have become one of the best dishes for a family reunion dinner.


Haha Da Xiao (Pan-fried King Prawns with Tomato Sauce)

MOP 118

Sensations has also prepared Abalone Treasure Tureen to wish its guests a healthy and prosperous year ahead. The Poon Choi contains several precious ingredients including abalone, dried scallops, Ligameti Cervi, sea cucumbers, dried oysters and shrimps.


Abalone Treasure Tureen

MOP 1,188 (for 4 people) / MOP 688 (for 2 people)

?Available from 1 through 20 February 2013

(please make your reservation 2 days in advance, for both take-out and eat-in).


Address            : 1/F StarWorld Macau

Business Hours : 24-hour

Reservation       : (853) 8290 8618

Luck is All Around New Year Buffet — The Grand Ballroom

Everyone wishes to enjoy an affluent new year. This year, StarWorld Macau is delighted to launch a special Chinese New Year buffet at its elegant Grand Ballroom from 9 through 13 February, providing a wide range of international cuisines with Chinese New Year offerings for its guests, suitable for guests of any age, any taste.

What’s more? During 9February to 12 February dinner buffet period, StarWorld Macau will be giving away one serve of Lucky Tossed Salmon per table. The God of Fortune will be giving away red pockets and cultural activities will be prepared to celebrate this special occasion!




Senior citizen**/ Child***

9-13 February 2013

Lunch buffet

MOP 188*

MOP 128*

Dinner buffet

MOP 298*

MOP 208*

*Subject to 10% service charge     ** Aged over 60               *** 4?12 years old


Elegantly decorated with crystal chandeliers on its high-ceiling, the Grand Ballroom of StarWorld Macau is your perfect choice to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a style


Address            : 8/F StarWorld Macau

Available           :9-13 February, 2013

Business Hours :Buffet lunch:  12noon – 3pm / Buffet dinner: 7pm-10pm

Reservation       : (853) 8290 8688

Prosperous New Year Menus Laurel

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the renowned Chinese restaurant of StarWorld Macau, Laurel, has launched 3 different menu selections that are available from now until 28th February, inviting its guests to enjoy their family reunions and welcome fortune and wealth in its elegant ambience. The “Welcoming Spring and Fortune menu” (MOP 5,588 for 12 people) features Steamed Marine Grouper and Roasted Whole Pigeon; “Succeed in Business” menu (MOP 8,988 for 12 people) features abalone and a range of high-quality seafood; and “Welcoming Wealth and Good Fortune” menu (MOP 13,388 for 12 people) features the Steamed Miniatus Grouper.


Laurel at StarWorld Macau has launched 3 different menu selections for its guests to enjoy family reunions


Address             : 2/F StarWorld Macau

Business Hours: Mon-Fri:                                 11:00am–11:00pm (11:00am–3:00pm for dim sum)

   Sat, Sun& public holidays:      10:00am – 11:00pm (10:00am–4:00pm for dim sum)

Reservation:       : (853) 8290 8628

Birthday Surprises

Birthday stars deserved to be spoiled on their big days!  For those who are going to celebrate their birthdays in February, simply visit StarWorld Macau during February 2013 and you can exclusively enjoy a host of pleasant surprises!

  • Offer 1: Two persons and above: A complimentary Assorted Seasonal Vegetables Tempura at Inagiku when enjoying a lunch set
  • Offer 2: Two persons and above: A complimentary bottle of Premium Sake (300ml) or seasonal special drinks (one glass per person) at Inagiku when enjoying dinner set
  • Offer 3: Free $100 e-Bonus to birthday star

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The birthday star must be 21 years old or above and a member of StarWorld Macau’s Galaxy Privilege Club.
  2. Inagiku birthday offers:
  • Reserve 2 days in advance. Please quote “StarWorld surprise to birthday stars” and the offer code printed in this email. Reservations: +853 8290 8668.
  • Please present identification document, Galaxy Privilege Club membership card, and this email for verification when arrive.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other offer, promotion, or discount.
  1. E-Bonus: Birthday star can redeem $100 e-bonus with this email at StarWorld Macau Galaxy Privilege Club.

Amazing offers

Galaxy Privilege Club members are entitled to receive one reward point for every MOP 100 spent at StarWorld Macau. Members can use their points to redeem for a wide selection of valuable gifts.  Terms and conditions applied.  For more information, please visit StarWorld Macau’s website or Galaxy Privilege Club’s website

Source: StarWorld Macau

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