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Hospitality Recruitment is Changing

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August 5, 2013

Hospitality Recruitment is Changing

In the past six years, Global Recruitment has undergone a Revolution largely determined by the Development of Internet in which Job Board advertising had overtaken on newspaper announcement.

These days, Job Board Technology use Artificial Intelligence in screening then matching Candidates to Jobs and we even start to see Employers list their Vacancies for free on those Job Boards. In addition, the majority of Job Seekers are using this Technology to find Job Posting. Is the Executive Recruitment still a Highly Specialized Field?

Tomorrow, outsourcing will be the Significant Changing Factor and the number of Companies contracting External Recruitment Specialists to manage Very Particular Functions will continue to raise. In the future, I think Job Board Technology will not continue to help or support Companies with Cost Effective Solutions because the Artificial Intelligence is Only Related to the task of using Computers to ?figure out? Humans.

The reality is that Jobs Boards encourage Users to post their Resume wish is attractive for the Site Operators who sell access to Recruiters & Job Seekers should exercise caution since they have No Control over where their Resume may be viewed by imposters who may use Information from it to sell Personal Contact Information.

Staffing Agencies must be able to provide Adjusted and Specific Solutions to fill gaps to Company?s Management Structure. They shouldn?t just act as a short term answer but have to really help Clients to Develop their Businesses on a Long Term through Coherent and Successful Recruitment?s Solutions. Who else than an Human can understand an other Human?

However a Recruitment Agency has received a request for a Specific Placment, it is normally the time for the Selection Process to start & then effectively evaluate the Candidate?s Skills and Knowledges. If your Organisation made the right hire it would only be by identifying exactly what talents your Business require and it will costs less to pay a Recruitment Agency their Commission Fee for finding the Right Candidate than to conduct a Full Recruitment Process by yourself.

Source eHospitalityTimes

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