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The Peninsula Spa debuts treatments from Biologique Rechereche

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April 25, 2013

The Peninsula Spa debuts treatments from Biologique Rechereche

Peninsula Spa ReceptionAnti-aging treatments target the neck, d?collet? and hands for total body firming that supports long-lasting results

The Peninsula Spa is pleased to introduce a series of results-oriented body treatments in partnership with the French luxury skin care company, Biologique Recherche. Designed especially for areas of the body that require extra attention, each treatment tackles specific needs with anti-aging protocols for “tell-tale” areas such as the neck, d?collet? and hands. Additional treatments focus on firming, toning and reducing the appearance of cellulite, targeting specific areas such as the upper arm, torso and legs for a more tailored approach to skin rejuvenation.

Treatments include:

? Forever Young – Neck, D?collet? and Upper Arm Treatment
? Boost-Up Neck and D?collet? Treatment
? Youthful Hands Age-defying Manicure
? Total Body Lift
? Anti-C Body Boost
? Back to Life – Rejuvenating Back Experience

“The launch of Biologique Recherche Body Treatments at The Peninsula Spa is a natural progression, because our face and body is one skin,” said Dr. Philippe Allouche, MD, Head of Creation of Biologique Recherche. “Our facials offer powerful formulations and visionary products to provide astonishing results. The Biologique Recherche methodology is so specific we can even target difficult areas such as the d?collet?, inner thighs and arms, as well as the entire body. We are pleased to bring this level of luxury service to New York City.””The Peninsula Spa’s new line of Biologique Recherche treatments truly provide our spa guests with the ultimate personalized approach to anti-aging body care,” says Enid Aquino, Spa Director of The Peninsula Spa. “Guests are able to tailor their treatments to target specific areas of the body, working with our knowledgeable team of therapists to see immediate improvements from the very first treatment.”

The Forever Young – Neck, D?collet? and Upper Arm Treatment (75 minutes / $350) is specifically tailored to defy the signs of aging on these delicate, sensitive and often neglected areas by utilizing Biologique Recherche’s manual techniques, combined with patented micro-current technology to firm and lift by treating the superficial and deep tissues of the skin. The application of a body mask and hyper-concentrated serums are customized to tone and reduce fine lines, sagging and hyper-pigmentation.

The Total Body Lift (90 minutes / $450) utilizes a refined sequence of exfoliation, toning and sculpting to improve overall skin texture and muscle structure. The application of a series of Biologique Recherche’s customized serums, essential oils and creams aid in accelerating the regeneration of the epidermis and stimulating blood circulation throughout the body. The result is a visibly firmer and more toned total body appearance.

The Anti-C Body Boost (90 minutes / $450) is designed to improve the look and feel of skin with the combined use of anti-cellulite products and a specialized slimming glove to reduce water retention, change the look of cellulite and improve firmness and microcirculation. The result is an overall reduction in the dimpled appearance of the skin and a more refined contouring of the body.

The Youthful Hands Age-defying Manicure (45 minutes / $100) is the ultimate anti-aging treatment for hands and nails. This “hand facial” assists in cellular renewal with a multi-step process that includes customized blends of Biologique Recherche’s coveted creams and serums that address skin elasticity, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation (sun spots) and dryness. Hands will instantly appear more supple, youthful and renewed. Nails are then polished to perfection by a skilled nail technician. A complimentary glass of Champagne completes this luxurious experience.

The Back to Life – Rejuvenating Back Experience (30 minutes / $150) is an exfoliating treatment for the back and shoulders that addresses skin-related issues including sensitivity, sun exposure and acne. Biologique Recherche’s customized products exfoliate, hydrate and reset the skin, protecting from natural exposure to the elements and genetic factors.

Spa guests are encouraged to book the new body treatments as a series of three to five sessions to achieve maximum success, combining a customized selection of Biologique Recherche body products to continue the treatment at home.Reservations for The Peninsula Spa can be made directly at tel: (212) 903 3910, or e-mail: The Spa is open seven days a week, from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. For additional information on The Peninsula Spa, please visit

About The Peninsula Spa
The award-winning Peninsula Spa is located on the top three floors of The Peninsula New York, and features 12 treatment rooms, a Private Spa Suite, men’s and women’s relaxation lounges, theAsian Tea Lounge and changing rooms featuring aromatherapy steam rooms, saunas, ice fountains and an “experience” shower. The Spa’s bespoke treatments are sophisticated, timeless and uniquely reflect a fusion of Asian, Ayurvedic and European therapies.# # #

About The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH)
Incorporated in 1866 and listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (00045), HSH is the holding company of a Group which is engaged in the ownership, development and management of prestigious hotel, commercial and residential properties in key locations in Asia, the United States and Europe, as well as the provision of transport, club management and other services. The hotel portfolio of the Group comprises The Peninsula Hotels in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila and Paris (under construction). The property portfolio of the Group includes The Repulse Bay Complex, The Peak Tower and The Peak Tramways, St. John’s Building, The Landmark in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the Thai Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand.

About Biologique Recherche
For generations, European women have guarded the secrets of their beauty rituals and rare miracle potions that maintain their ageless and impeccable complexions. Now, these secrets are available to a privileged few through the most luxurious and serious skin care centers in the United States, thanks to Biologique Recherche.

Biologique Recherche was founded by a French family of passionate skin care experts. Yvan Allouche, a renowned biochemist, conducted extensive ingredient research during his lifetime to help him formulate products that are concentrated enough to deliver instantly visible and lasting results. Josette Allouche, a licensed physiotherapist and Yvan’s wife, designed unique skin-sculpting massage movements for skin care professionals that dramatically enhance the benefits of the skin care formulas. Philippe Allouche, a French medical doctor and the Allouches’ son, has led the company’s development of pre-and post-surgery research and medical-grade skin preparations since the early 1990s.

As of today, Biologique Recherche Partners remain loyal to the brand’s fundamentals, ensuring the transmission of the brand’s unique know how, methodology and personalized approach to skincare to its growing network of professionals. For the past five years, Dr. Philippe Allouche and his Partners, Rupert Schmid, Co-Owner and Chairman of the Board Biologique Recherche (France), and Pierre-Louis Delapalme, Co-Owner and C.E.O. of the Brand Biologique Recherche (France), have developed the brand’s professional network in over 40 countries and 5 continents.

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