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Four Seasons introduces first fully customizable sleep experience

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March 4, 2014

Four Seasons introduces first fully customizable sleep experience


A new survey indicates that the only thing we all have in common when it comes to a good night’s sleep is that our needs and preferences are diverse, and for those seeking rest away from home, the demand for a personalized sleep environment is increasing. For the 92% of survey respondents who expressed distinct preferences on the firmness of a bed, there’s especially good news.

Introducing?The Four Seasons Bed?? the next evolution of the iconic Four Seasons sleep experience and the first fully customizable hotel bed, offering travellers the opportunity to effectively choose their own bed and personalize their sleep during every Four Seasons stay. With an innovative mattress system developed by Four Seasons in partnership with leading bed manufacturer Simmons, each guest can have their bed personalized to their unique preference in minutes. A choice of three different levels of firmness will be offered, along with a variety of pillows and bedside amenities for customized comfort.

“From the day we welcomed our very first guests for the night more than five decades ago, we have placed supreme importance on creating optimal sleep conditions, along with the intuitive service that has always been the hallmark of Four Seasons,” says?Chris Hunsberger ,?Executive Vice President, Product and Innovation. “This new research supports what our guests have told us – everyone has different sleep needs, but the desire for a good night’s rest is a universal passion. That’s why we’re making it as easy as possible to fully customize the sleep experience when you stay with Four Seasons.”

Four Seasons has long been known for its signature beds ? a cult favourite that while never advertised, has been purchased by tens of thousands of happy sleepers wanting to replicate the perfect Four Seasons sleep in their own homes. With the introduction of the industry’s first fully customizable sleep experience, Four Seasons continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry with innovations and creative approaches to enhance each guest’s experience.

Director of Sleep Medicine for Meridian Health?Dr. Carol Ash?agrees with Four Seasons on the importance of a good night’s sleep:

“Beyond benefits of increased productivity during business travel and maximizing enjoyment of a holiday, there are serious reasons to get the optimal 7-9 hours of sleep each night, even when travelling,” notes Dr. Ash. “Sleep restores our brain to a baseline level of strength. It is essential for learning and allows us to strengthen our memories. Sleep is important to maintain critical thinking, judgment, spatial orientation, reaction times, and emotional stability. Lack of it impairs your ability to deal with stress, and strains your relationships.”

Sleep Survey Highlights

The survey, conducted by Ipsos* in late 2013 among travellers from the US, Great Britain , Russia and China who have stayed in any hotel, shared insights on what helps them sleep well on the road. Highlights include:

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Source Yahoo Finance,;_ylt=AwrSyCUbMRVTLxcAvbj_wgt.

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