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Luxury in the hotel industry: overnight stay in a gemstone

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
February 27, 2017

Luxury in the hotel industry: overnight stay in a gemstone

Sanya, Hainan, China – 27 February 2017 –
This new hotel is a true jewel – literally! The architectural office NL Architects from the Netherlands designed a luxury hotel in the shape of a gemstone. revealed, the project team was inspired by an amethyst quartz whose Greek meaning states that the stone protects its owner from drunkenness.

Amethyst Hotel Hong Kong (Photo: NL Architects)
Amethyst Hotel Hong Kong (Photo: NL Architects)

The hotel looks like a halved amethyst or geode from the outside. The design presents an outer stone shell and crystalline structures as windows. Especially at night, the gemstone shines with its iridescent colors in constant illumination. Inside the hotel, the rooms are arranged around the atrium. Therefore, all hotel guests benefit from a glazed room consisting of crystal shards and a beautiful sea view.

 The design of the project was influenced by the amethysts spiritual importance. It is said, that the gemstone has healing powers, purifying abilities and an overall positive effect on the human body. The perfect fit for a luxurious spa hotel.

Its special violet look was especially designed for islands and coasts. The first luxury hotel is planned on the artificial island “Ocean Flowers” north of Hainan in southern China. In addition, the architect Kamiel Klaasse also sees Dubai as a perfect place for this extraordinary project.

Amythyst Hotel - Interior Design (Photo: NL Architects)
Amythyst Hotel – Interior Design (Photo: NL Architects)

The design is planned as a hotel chain, whereas various forms of the Amethyst are build world-wide and as a symbol for healing powers. The architectural office is still searching for an investor or hotel chain willing to invest.

How unique and unusual the idea and the design may be, the architect Kamiel Klaasse is certain: ‘This luxury hotel, in form of a glamorous gemstone, will definitely benefit from the association with its supposed healing powers’.

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