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Sir Richard Branson challenges business leaders to put people first

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
March 10, 2017

Sir Richard Branson challenges business leaders to put people first

Framingham, Massachusetts – 10 March 2017 –
Sir Richard Branson has challenged business leaders to improve the critical state of the modern workforce. His call comes at a time when 87% of employees are disengaged and sedentary office culture is being linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

With the annual cost of disengagement at $550 billion in the U.S. alone, Sir Richard Branson will personally lead the shake-up, committing 100 days of his time to the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.

The global wellbeing program – part of the Virgin Group Portfolio, whose members will also take part – sees companies in 185 countries sign employees up to a journey that transforms their health, wellbeing and engagement levels.

Sir Richard Branson is now urging business leaders, in companies large and small, to show the same commitment to their workforce.

“Excellent leaders believe their people come first,” he said. “The health and culture of teams should always be paramount. If you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. That’s why I’m urging all of you: join me in the Global Challenge. Let’s walk the walk!”

No stranger to healthy competition, or throwing his weight behind a cause, Sir Richard Branson has already prepared for the challenge and is issuing a video inviting others to join him.

Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce welcomed Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group’s involvement.

“We’re thrilled that Sir Richard Branson and our Virgin Group colleagues around the world are taking an active role in supporting global health in the workplace by participating in this year’s Virgin Pulse Global Challenge,” said Chris Boyce.

“Wellbeing is a critical business imperative, with organizations recognizing the massive impact that physical, mental and social wellbeing have on employee engagement and business performance. Successful companies know that thriving businesses depend on thriving employees.

“Our mission at Virgin Pulse is to help organizations create thriving workplace cultures where employees are engaged, supported and empowered to bring their best selves to work, every day. We’re inviting business leaders everywhere to show their commitment to employee wellbeing by joining us in this year’s Global Challenge.”

The Virgin Pulse Global Challenge will kick off on May 24. For 100 days, Sir Richard Branson and over 400,000 members from 1,500 organizations in 185 countries across the globe will take a virtual journey that encourages physical activity, healthy eating, stress resilience, sleep quality and healthy habits. Together, members will form teams, set goals, and encourage each other to make healthy choices every day.

Learn how your organization can join the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge at

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