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The roots of Marriott – 90th anniversary of World’s largest hotel group

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
May 27, 2017

The roots of Marriott – 90th anniversary of World’s largest hotel group

Washington D.C. – 27 May 2017 –
These days 90 years ago, Mr Marriott sr. and Mrs Marriott arrived from Salt Lake City in the hot und muggy capitol. It was the right time and right place to sell ice cold root beer. Later, when the wheather turned colder Mrs Marriott asked the chef at Mexican embassy to show her how to make hot tomatoes and chili. The ‚Hot Shoppe‘ established as one of the best restaurants in 1927 – this was the hour a new giant of hospitality has been born.

Bill Marriott jr.
Bill Marriott jr.

Today, Marriott is the largest hotel group with 6,080 properties worldwide. The first hotel opened in 1957 in Arlington, Virginia. With acquisition of Starwood hotels, the group now is operating over 30 hotel brands.

It’s that history of innovation and dedication to excellence that has informed everything we have done at Marriott since then. Of course fads, fashion, trends, and relationships continually change, but our focus on embracing change, putting people first, and pursuing excellence has never wavered,“ Bill Marriott jr. wrote looking back.

The Original Hot Shoppe
The Original Hot Shoppe

„I’m incredibly thankful for my parents laying that foundation. They have left a tremendous legacy not just for me and my family, but for the millions of associates and guests who have experienced for themselves the core values they established back in 1927.“

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