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A whole lot of work, small cash – That the hotel and restaurant business doesn’t come in the unwanted headlines – Do we still want higher salaries in resorts and restaurants?

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
November 14, 2017

A whole lot of work, small cash – That the hotel and restaurant business doesn’t come in the unwanted headlines – Do we still want higher salaries in resorts and restaurants?

A remark by Carsten Hennig

Hard times for hotels and restaurants: Increasingly more damaging remarks are causing fresh damage to the image of hospitality industry.

Every viewer understands: Provided that presumably famous hotel chains, which cover neither salary nor worker promotion could be increased by unsuspecting PR authors, are composed, it’s poorly ordered round the picture of the hospitality business, that has already been badly scraped. There needs to be quite a jolt in the business! Black sheep should not be kept silent as “equitable isolated instances”, but to be put in ultima ratio in the industry’s pillory. Anybody who harnesses trainees without knowledge has to be excluded from industry’s associations.

Transparency and proactive communication are lengthy: anybody who’s serious may be accredited, anonymously assessed and titles making opportunities and advertising opportunities. A really independent and incorruptible self-check at the catering and hotel business is essential. The old-father mindset of Ewiggestriger, to deceive in the star-check at which it moves and following an admonishing evaluation report that the Checker home prohibition to provide, attracted more harm in a number of the decades of the superb industry compared to equilibrium.

The chance is great: young chefs wish to produce a career in TV, celebrity restaurateurs are loved as rock stars, and also in age 30 you can nevertheless maintain the best management of a global hotel chain – the catering and hotel business make it feasible. Hardly any other business offers numerous career opportunities for everybody, both locally and globally, in the ideal place for a teenager with years of experience in work and life or as a leading gift together with coworkers and friends all around the world.

The prior structures to come up with collective bargaining and coaching criteria on the smallest common denominator of semi-professional part-time catering are now to be substituted. In the event you do not become anything, then you will not come to be a landlord – since great gastronomy has long since become so tough that only the finest will endure with complex small business programs. And in the resort business, together with the revolution in digitalization and automation, the following Mount Everest of direction abilities has come. Each cook could develop into a GM, however just with exceptional instruction and a high degree of proficiency as an authentic hospitality pioneer.

Too reduced space costs and F&B prices stay a severe barrier to higher salary and wages. Your visitors will certainly know if the top men and women pull together and increase their costs: “For a health gastronomy in your local area” could function as a working name for a corresponding effort because of its transparency of costs, earnings, taxation and wages. You merely need to dare.

The reluctant rest of them are failed as economical gastronomy. And that is not a shame, I figure. For the brave and innovative will be the long term!

Carsten Hennig is Director of Communications and Managing Editor of Hospitality Leaders and anchorman of HOTELIER TV. Email: 

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