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Purity Kagendo

Talent Advocate at MindSky



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Profile Summary

Currently working as a Talent Advocate empowering and training Akilah Institute students and graduates for career readiness and development. I have a background in human resources, administration, and training in the media. I love sharing career-boosting skills with young people and giving support to their career development.

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Work experience

Talent Advocate
March 2017 - Current
- Conduct member management where I communicate with members and provide guidance and support as needed, with regards to job applications. - Conduct member training and ensure that all materials, printouts, and seating are ready for each training. - Talent Recruitment and Head Hunting by proactively recruiting non-members to apply to MindSky, seeking out and identifying new talent pipelines. I also actively headhunt using LinkedIn and other means to fulfill more specialized roles. - Screen and Interview candidates by shortlisting members for job positions that match their experience and academic back ground. - Communicate with members to ensure that they submit applications before the deadline and also schedule and conduct interviews with assigned members. - Review job applications for each job and ensure a match as well as provide members with feedback and suggestions for improvement on job applications.
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